About Us

Bloomgarden, Ostroff  & Associates is a diverse practice, helping our clients work through a wide variety of issues from relationship problems, depression, anxiety, mood swings, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger management, work problems, stress management, couples and family therapy, stress related to medical and health issues, grief and loss, and so on. We are interested in making sure that we provide a service that meets your needs, so please feel free to have a brief discussion with us during your first call (or email) to see if we are the right practice for you.

We are experienced at working with most therapeutic issues. We welcome people of all ages, races, sexual and gender orientations, ethnicities and religions to our practice. We view our work as an opportunity to help our clients bring out the best in themselves.

While we accept a variety of insurances, if you have an insurance that we do not accept, our private pay options range from $140 to $175 per session. If you have questions about fees or would like to consider a sliding fee arrangement, you can email Ellen Ostroff at ellenostroff@bloomgardenostroff.com

If you have questions about your insurance coverage or have new insurance benefits you can reach out to Lisa Vinnacombe at lisav@bloomgardenostroff.com

PLEASE DO NOT SEND COPIES OF INSURANCE CARDS VIA TEXT OR EMAIL. For your HIPAA protection Lisa Vinnacombe will arrange for you to send your insurance card using our end-to-end email encryption.

Please contact us by phone 215-545-1175 and press “1” if you are interested in considering seeing one of our therapists, or email us at contact.us@bloomgardenostroff.com.

Due to high call volume, Allison Kessler Colby or Amy Cohen will return your call or email within approximately 1-2 weeks, often sooner.  We will do our best to respond to you quickly and connect you with the therapist who is best suited for you in our practice.

Our office location is:

230 S. Broad Street, Suite 1305, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Bloomgarden & Associates, LLC, doing business as Bloomgarden, Ostroff & Associates is an administrative entity only for those therapists who are independent contractors with us. We do not supervise, direct or control fee-for-service therapists. They practice according to their own training, and within the guidelines of their own licensure.