Racial Justice Health Initiative

Guiding Principles

Decolonize Mental Health.  We will critically examine and dismantle existing Eurocentric mental health standards of treatment and broader societal constructs that perpetuate stigmatization, disenfranchisement, and racism while engaging in critical thinking, and also generating and promoting antidotal approaches to these problematic patterns.

Values Awareness. We will intentionally explore our own values, as well as our roles and responsibilities in society including challenges and barriers to openness and motivation to affect racial justice change.

Respect and Bravery. We will honor our varying and/or opposing points of view, commit to doing and saying what’s difficult, changing ourselves and the culture around us by getting involved in the committee in ways that stretch our comfort levels.

Mindfulness and Curiosity. We will practice mindful awareness and curiosity to learn how race and racism intersect and interact with the personal, interpersonal, organizational, and institutional levels. Utilizing these skills to determine opportunities to take action to reduce racial inequities at each level.

Acknowledgement of Bias. We will acknowledge that we are all systematically taught misinformation about our own group and about members of other groups.

Shared Responsibility. We commit to equally sharing the labor of social justice work and believe that input from all is required for decision making. 

Community Engagement. We will collaborate to explore and share resources (professional and personal), BIPOC creators (artists, authors, innovators, activists), business and community events to deepen support and awareness of these community contributors and utilize as a guide for our own community engagement and activism. 

Anti-Racist Work Culture. We intentionally create an inclusive environment in the workplace that is equally appealing for BIPOC and white therapists where friendships and potentially life-long meaningful connections can be made, celebrate and appreciate people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations while practicing good self-care to remain hopeful and revitalized for this work.

Collective Presence. We will engage in an opening and or closing ritual to build our therapeutic community and engage in collective presence.