Welcome to Bloomgarden, Ostroff & Associates. We are a general psychotherapy practice located in Center City, Philadelphia. Our suite of offices is located near Rittenhouse Square:

255 S. 17th Street, Medical Tower Bldg, Suite 2100, Phila., PA 19103

We accept most major insurances and work out alternative payment options when needed. As a group, our therapists share similar treatment philosophies. Individually, we offer unique styles and areas of expertise.

To learn more about our practice, click on About Us.

To learn about a particular therapist, click on his/her link.

If you are interested in working with a therapist in our practice, call us at 215-545-1175 and press “1” to leave a message on the new client referral line. Or you can email us at bloomgarden.ostroff@gmail.com.

Andrea Bloomgarden or Allison Kessler Colby will contact you within approximately 48 hours or 2 business days to discuss your needs and interests. We will help you connect quickly with the therapist best suited for you.