I view therapy as a collaborative experience and one in which the therapeutic relationship is essential for healing. I hope to create a space for clients to feel safe, cared for, and listened to on a deep level. My approach is interpersonal process therapy through a social justice and multicultural lens. Experiences of oppression can drive disconnection, anxiety, and lack of safety. I hope to create a space where clients and I can mutually explore these experiences together and create a sense of healing, empowerment, and connection.

I have worked primarily in college counseling centers and completed some of my clinical training in an inpatient substance abuse treatment center. I enjoy working with a variety of clients on issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, trauma, body image issues, eating concerns, identity development, and LGBTQIA+ concerns.

I received my PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in August 2020 and joined the practice in fall of 2021. I am currently a licensed psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania. I look forward to meeting you!

She/her pronouns