Social & Racial Justice Working Group

                       Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision for this group is to encourage sustained commitment to working towards racial justice and inclusion for all. We see ourselves engaged in creating positive change both in our practice and in the community at large. The social and racial justice work group provides an opportunity to connect with each other in meaningful ways, to grow personally and professionally in our ability to engage in conversations about race, and to work towards our shared values of dismantling systemic racism.

We will facilitate discussions which help us explore our implicit bias, assumptions, and how we can show up differently in our therapeutic and personal relationships, continually working towards being more effective therapists and conscientious individuals. We will do this in the committee, in consult meetings, and in practice-wide learning opportunities as well. We will intentionally create an anti-racist, inclusive work culture that is equally appealing for people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

We will engage in our community by sharing resources (professional and personal), BIPOC creators (artists, authors, innovators, activists), and business and community events to deepen support and awareness of these community contributors. We will also participate in community volunteerism on a regular basis.